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Gian Hoi Photography. A Hong Kong based Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Gian Hoi combines landscape with romantic wedding photography both in engagement and event day photography, making each photograph into exquisite pieces of art.

Sunset romance engagement photography family

Dramatic light, the right timing, with simple yet eye-catching compositions accentuates the emotions that originally brought a couple of together. Relatives are welcomed and so they improve the unity and oneness that are part of every wedding.

hong kong

Covent Garden engagement destination wedding London

Overseas and destination weddings have become a trend and Gian Hoi is ready to fly with you to your special place. Year round packages to London, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City can be found at various prices to accommodate every wedding budget.

Kiss from atop Union Church hong kong wedding

For more details, call me at 852-6991-9098 or email at


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